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What Makes Shweta Subram A Proficient Hindi Playback Singer?

Embarking on a musical journey is never easy for budding enthusiasts. At least, for Shweta Subram, cultivating interests in this career was a mixture of her choice and chance. But winning the North American Best Singer award wasn’t enough for her to leverage lucrative opportunities in this music industry. She had to join Sunsilk Gang of Girls and toured India with her band.

Only then she knew her deepest interest in pursuing a career in music. That’s how she started growing her musical interests. Welcome to this post that narrates her journey from being a music enthusiast to a celebrity guest on Colors TV.

A Brief of Her Background: How Singing Became Her Passion?

The world knows her as Jalebi Baby. Shweta grew up in Dubai and relocated to Ottawa during her teenage years. She graduated from Merivale High School and earned an honors degree in Bachelor of Commerce from Carleton University. In parallel, the singing journey of this celebrity was brewing.

Her favorite festivals are Diwali, Holi, and Christmas. With multicultural exposure, she has sung in various languages such as Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam, and English. Growing up in a global world, she has been exposed to many different cultures and foods which honed her as an individual. 

Despite residing outside India, she has predominantly worked in Kollywood and Bollywood. Playback singing became her passion ever since she won the best singer award from Sangam Kala Group. Her family and close friends always believed in her passion.

Narrating A Little about Her Career: Outlining A Few Successes

With stunning appeal and powerful voice texture, Shweta Subram is an accomplished vocalist. Her focus is on Bollywood and popular Hindi/Punjabi music. She has performed all across the globe and shared the stage with prominent faces of Bollywood. She has also been featured in various TV shows and won prestigious awards. 

Her passion and devotion to art knew no bounds. And it’s because of her intense four months of dedication, due to which she won the Sangam Kala Group competition with a rendition of “Lambi Judaai.” Her biggest playback breakthrough happened with Hawazaaida’s song “Dil-E-Nadan” where she sang alongside Ayushmann Khurrana. Although this happened by chance, her devotion made her one of the celebrity singers today. 

Working as a singer in Hindi movies was a stepping stone in her career. Another lucrative opportunity she leveraged was when she performed at the IIFA Awards alongside music maestros Salim-Sulaiman. Besides commercial film work, she introduced Hindi music to Western music enthusiasts when she collaborated with The Piano Guys for a unique adaptation to Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child”, which became a fan-favorite version. Fans loved her rendition & screen presence. That also became one of the biggest breakthroughs and contributions to this music world. With her success, she is now moving toward her passion of becoming the best female singer in Bollywood. Here’s a rundown of the qualities that make her a successful singer today.

Qualities That Make Shweta Subram a Successful Singer Being Proactive

Ever since her teenage years, she has been proactively performing for many events as well as auditioned for various Bollywood projects. While based out of Canada and competing against well-known names of Bollywood, the thoughts of rejection has not stopped her from sending her resume and headshot to casting directors. Her network continues to grow and increase her popularity.


As a professional singer, she has immense patience. She has developed a career with patience, dedication, and hard work. She understands that patience is the foundation for remaining focused and dedicated. Her careerist attitude made her come across various auditions and feature in important projects. She even won some great awards that bolstered her career.

Can Relate to the Character before Singing

Another ideal quality of a playback singer is to get into the skin of a character effortlessly. That way, listeners can relate to their feelings and visualize the character through a singer’s voice. For a playback singer like Shweta Subram, she understands this fact. 

She has all the right qualities that define a perfect playback singer. She can emote through her soul that emanates in her voice. While she is skilled technically in Hindustani and Carnatic music styles, her voice comes from her heart. 

Shweta Subram – As a Color Celebrity

Her most recent accomplishment was visiting Colors Food Trail 2023. Watch the full episode 3 only online. When she entered Colors Food Trail Season 3, she witnessed a warm welcome from the host and chef.

Shweta believes that formal music education has helped her build a strong foundation in her musical journey. She also stated that knowledge should never remain undermined & learning should never stop.

Notably, she has worked in different regional industries across India. Her adaptation of various languages brought out the colloquialism in her rendition. Although the industry is very challenging, what keeps her going is her immense devotion and hard work.

Right now, Shweta has some originals yet to release. And she is also planning to explore new musical collaborations and ideas. Discover more about Shweta Subram female singer, from the YouTube channel.

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